"Our patients did not choose us. We chose them."
Dr. Norman McSwain, Trauma Surgeon


Please note that our website is undergoing a face-lift over the next few weeks and we can make only minimal changes during this time. Please do not hesitate to contact RTAC Coordinator Michael Fraley at michael.fraley@Wisconsin.gov if you need any files or have any questions about RTAC activities.

North Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council (NCRTAC)

The NCRTAC is an organized group of health care entities and emergency responders who have an interest in organizing and improving trauma care within our region. Our primary purpose is to design, implement and evaluate a trauma system within the region that is data-based, confidential and sensitive to the needs and limitations of our area.

As Dr. McSwain said, we choose to care for our patients and therefore we must also choose to work together to provide them with the best possible care.

NCRTAC General Meetings

Photo courtesy of Gannett Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune/ Casey Lake
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