Landing Zone Safety

​Providing a safe landing zone (LZ) for an incoming helicopter is an important responsibility of local EMS, fire and law enforcement agencies. All HEMS programs in the state offer free LZ training for on-scene partners. Learn more about LZ safety at the Life Link III and Aspirus MedEvac LZ webpages or contact one of the programs to set up training. (Contact information is available on their websites)

Helicopter EMS units play an important role in the treatment and transportation of trauma patients. Helicopters can come directly to the scene of a crash or other traumatic incident to bring advanced level assessment and care directly to the patient. HEMS units can also be dispatched to a referring hospital to provide rapid transport of a patient to a higher level trauma center.

Click HERE for the NCRTAC Position Statement on the Prehospital Use of HEMS

 To call a helicopter for patient transport:

Helicopter EMS (HEMS) in the NCRTAC

Learn about other HEMS programs in Wisconsin through the Wisconsin Air Medical Council.   

Click HERE for a map of all HEMS bases in Wisconsin.